Japanese Snacks

Four Must-try Japanese snacks

There’s more than just delicacies when it comes to eating abroad. Every country has its own menu when it comes to everyday food and snacks, and while plenty of these menus are similar, Japan’s is pretty special. A trip to the east will reveal traditional dishes integrated into fast food (most famously ramen), but will also show that the Japanese … Continue reading “Four Must-try Japanese snacks”

fish recipes

Budget-Friendly Fish Recipes That You Must ABSOLUTELY Try

Just like any other food, sorting out sweet, sour and bitterness balance cooking of fish is not an exception to this. There are many ways of cooking fish, you can grill it, bake, broil, steam and also poach fish. Let’s start with steaming fish. Steaming fish is often easy and gives results to a mild tasting fish and flavorful sauce. … Continue reading “Budget-Friendly Fish Recipes That You Must ABSOLUTELY Try”