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Welcome to "Want" Asian Food Recipes.com. In the modern world's quest for innovation and new taste sensations, it's often easy to forget just how delicious and fulfilling a classic recipe can be. "Want" Asian Food Recipes.com provide selection of best-ever recipes which will serve as an essential reference point for beginners and a timely reminder to the experienced cook when planning the perfect meal for today healthy eating.

Chinese Cooking Recipes Online

Chinese food has been recognized as one of the great original cuisines of the world. Seafood are very popular in Chinese cooking, this resulted in the development of extraordinary skill in preparing seafood cuisines in the history of Chinese cooking. There are many interesting ways to prepare poultry in Chinese style such as Smoking, Drying, Roasting, Curing, Simmering, Steaming, Stir-frying...

Chinese Recipes

Japanese Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Tofu Custard Recipes

A selection of delicious Japanese dishes that are easy to prepare at home, and light and healthy too!

Japanese Meat and Poultry Recipes In Japanese restaurant, grilled chicken and vegetables are very popular and delicious which you can easily prepare at home, get all the recipes and cooking methods for Chicken Rolls Spring Onions, Japanese Crispy Fried Chicken Chunks, Garlic Ginger Steak, Grilled Skewered Chicken Yakitori, Minced Chicken Clear Soup, Japanese Mixed Grill Recipe, Sesame Chicken Loaf, Sliced Beef Ginger Soy Gravy, Stir Fried Pork Ginger Cabbage Recipe.

Japanese Meat and Poultry Recipes

Japanese Seafood Recipes Fish, Crab and Octopus are the main ingredients in preparing Japanese seafood, get all the recipes such as Japanese Baked Fish Vegetables Seafood Recipe, Braised Flounder Karei Nitsuka Seafood, Marinated Deep Fried Baby Octopus Seafood, Japanese Salmon Teriyakin Seafood, Tempura Seafood Recipe under this sub-category. Japanese Tofu Custard Recipes Basic Dashi Stock Bonita Flake, Japanese Fresh Cold Tofu Appetizer, Grilled Tofu Vegetables, Steamed Egg Custard Chawan Mushi, Japanese Stir Fried Tofu Chicken Egg Vegetables Recipe.

Japanese Seafood Recipes
Japanese Tofu

Japanese Sushi Recipes

The colorful Collection of sushi and sashimi recipes, which includes the traditional and the modern, enables you to enjoy the fine art of Japanese dining in the comfort of your home. Sushi in Japan shaping with hand whereas the simple and faster way to make Sushi is pressing fish and rice into a box and slice into smaller pieces. Home made Sushi become easier by accessing the recipes and easy step by step methods provided in this website. Access to all the sushi recipes for Battleship Gunkan Sushi, California Roll Sushi, Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Battleship Sushi, Japanese Egg Wrapped Sushi Mushrooms, Inside Out California Rolls, Inside out Salmon Sushi Rolls, Basic Sushi Rice and more...

Sushi Recipes

Japanese Rice Recipes, Noodles Recipes

Home style Japanese cooking is the way most Japanese prepare their food at home, with minimum fuss and maximum flavor. Japanese rice and Noodles are the main dishes beside Sushi usually serve in Japanese meal.

Japanese Azuki Bean Rice Recipe
Japanese Chilled Noodles Prawns Tomatoes Recipe
Japanese Cold Soba Noodles Zaru Saba Recipe
Japanese Deep Fried Tofu Noodles Clear Soup Kitsune Udon Recipe
Japanese Rice with Three Toppings Recipe
Japanese Style Plain Steamed Rice Recipe

Japanese Desserts Recipes, Vegetables Recipes and Soups Recipes

Entertaining Food with Japanese style is now even easier with clear, step by step instructions for party favorites including Japanese Vegetables Recipes such as Bean Sprout Bell Pepper Salad, Japanese Eggplant Stir Fried Ginger Miso, Japanese Spinach Sesame Seed Dressing Vegetables, Japanese Wakeme Tuna Soy Dressing Recipe.

Japanese Vegetables Recipes

Japanese Desserts Recipes. Japanese meal normally serve together with green tea as a drink in most of the Japanese restaurants the following desserts are easy to make: Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream Dessert, Japanese Sponge Cake Kasutera Dessert, Peach Jelly Momo no Kanten Dessert Recipe and recipes are available under this sub-category.

Japanese Desserts Recipes

Japanese Soup Recipes Serving your Japanese meal with selected soup such as Chicken Egg Drop Soup, Clear Soup Scallops Asparagus, Japanese Miso Soup Tofu Bamboo Shoot, Japanese Tofu Vegetables Soup, Savory Japanese Pumpkin Recipe in this sub-category.

Japanese Soups Recipes
Japanese One Pot Recipes

Vietnamese Rice, Noodles, Vegetables Salad Recipes

There is an amazing variety of regional cuisine in Vietnam. Apart from the extensive external influence of China. Vietnam has also a long established vegetarian tradition derived from Mahayana Buddhism. Get all the delicious and tasty recipes such as Vietnamese Assorted Meat Noodles Soup, Beef with Vermicelli Noodle, Braised Beef Noodles Soup, Vietnamese Egg Rice, Vietnamese Fried Egg Noodles King Prawns, Vietnamese Pork Chops Rice, Seafood Balls Soup, Vegetable Noodle Soup Recipe and more...

Vietnamese Recipes

Vietnamese Appetizers and Sauces Recipes

Vietnamese food to the large extent is influence by Chinese cooking, appetizers are serve before the main meal. Due to the geographical reason and fish availability, normally fish sauce are serve or added during cooking instead of soy sauce in Chinese cooking. Get all the recipes such as Vietnamese Beef Rice Paper Rolls Recipe, Hors D'oeuvre Beef Prawn Crisps, Vietnamese Jellyfish Salad, Mango Chutney (Nuoc Nam Me), Peanut Sauce (Nuoc Leo), Prawn Rolls, Prawn Rolls Toast, Salted Jellyfish Vegetables Meat, Steamed Pork Rolls (Bi Coun) and lot more...

Vietnamese Appetizers

Vietnamese Beef, Pork and Poultry Recipes

Hanoi, the food is less spicy, and the Chinese influence particularly strong, with stir fried dishes and clay-pot cooking. There are plenty of pork and chicken in Vietnam, beef is some time serve in Vietnamese dining but mainly serve in pork or chicken. Many ways of cooking pork, chicken and beef in Vietnamese-style with easy to get ingredients and step by step instruction are all available here such as Vietnamese Barbecued Beef Salad Recipe, Lemon Grass Beef, Pork Coconut Milk, Pork Meatballs Salad, Vietnamese Oyster Sauce, Vietnamese Beef Stew Recipe, Vietnamese Barbecued Chicken, Boneless Lemon Chicken, and lot more...

Vietnamese Poultry

Vietnamese Seafood, Soup Recipes and Steamboat Recipes

Ho Chi Minh City in the south is the most cosmopolitan of all Vietnamese cities and the home of incredible tropical seafood and specialties from the Mekong River delta. Vietnam is a country crossed with rivers and bounded by South China Sea, in Red River delta with the Gulf of Tongking produces a wealth of fish and shellfish, as well as vegetables and other foods. Dried fish are also very popular in Vietnam to preserving them because majority of population there do not have refrigerators. Get all the recipes ranging from Vietnamese Aromatic Fish Recipe, Deep Fried Squid Pepper Salt (Muc Rang Muoi), Fried Prawns Green Onion (Tom Kho Tau) to Stuffed Crabs, Stuffed Squid Clay Pot (Muc Noi Thit), Sugar Cane Sticks Coated Shrimp (Chao Tom) and lot more available here... Vietnamese Soups and Steamboat Recipes Soup and rice are the main dishes in Vietnamese meal, the famous Vietnamese soup will definitely suite the taste buds of Westerners and everyday thousand of Vietnamese serve it in their daily meal, get all the recipes such as Vietnamese Asparagus Crabmeat Soup Recipe, Chicken Noodles Soup Bamboo Shoots, Vietnamese Combination Steamboat, Hue Soup, Vietnamese Noodles Soup, Rice Soup Prawns, Vietnamese Seafood Steamboat, Sweet Sour Fish Soup, Tomato Seafood Soup Recipe from this session.

Vietnamese Seafood

Vietnamese Desserts Recipes

The small island of Phu Quoc off the Vietnam/Cambodia border, is reputed to produce the best fish sauce (nuoc mam) in Vietname. Vietnamese Desserts Recipes Desserts are not popular in Vietnam, fresh fruits cut in slice are normally serve at the end of the meal. We have the following Vietnamese desserts list below for your choice such as:

Vietnamese Chicken Curry Dessert recipe
Vietnamese Coconut Red Bean Iced Dessert Recipe
Vietnamese Jelly Beads Dessert Recipe
Vietnamese Sago Coconut Sauce Dessert Recipe

Indian Meat and Chicken Recipes Online

Originally from the northwest of India. food baked in a tan door or clay oven, heated with charcoal, is very popular in restaurants all over the country. Marinated chicken cooked in a tan door achieves an unrivaled succulence and flavor; even when using an electric or gas oven, the result is very good. Baby lamb not more than two or three months old is normally used for this succulent dish, but if baby lamb is not available, a larger leg of lamb can be used. The cooked meat should be so tender that it can be served with a spoon. The Goan style of cooking pork involves vinegar and spices as preservatives. Traditional Sorpotel used every part of the pig: the liver, kidneys, tongue, ears and blood. Each household has its own version and the following is an authentic family recipe. Feni, a liquor made from cashews, is used in Goa, but brandy can be substituted. Traditionally served with deep-fried potato straws, this delicious yet easily prepared Parsi dish is also made with lamb (known as Salli Boti). This is a favorite among India's Parsi community, who are renowned meat eaters. Dhansak, a mixture of pureed dal, vegetables and meat, is a substantial one-dish meal traditionally served with brown rice, lemon wedges and Kachumber.

Indian Recipes

Indian Desserts Recipes Online

A northern favorite, this rice pudding is very different from the bland version which countless children had to endure in their homes or boarding schools in Britain. In India, this Gujarati favorite is always served with puri. As it is so rich and substantial, you may prefer it simply on its own. If desired, the saffron can be omitted and about 1/2 cup (125 ml concentrated mango pulp added for a different flavorUniversally popular in the south of India, Payasam is made of sweetened milk with a variety of nuts, da/, pearl sago or even wheat-flour vermicelli. This version uses Bengal gram (channa da0 and is enriched with coconut milk). Soft homemade cream cheese or chenna is shaped into balls and simmered in syrup to make a simple but richly satisfying dessert. An extravagant touch in the form of pure silver beaten into the finest possible sheets is sometimes added as a garnish on special occasions in India.

Indian Desserts