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Japanese Food Styles – A Taste From The Land of the Rising Sun

Rice is the staple of most Japanese dishes. People in Japan also often eat rice cakes or mocha. Additionally, they call every food ‘Gohan’, which means steamed rice is involved in the meal. For example, breakfast may be called asa-Gohan. Steamed rice is included in just about every meal. Side dishes are known as okazu and are served with soups and rice.

Famous Daily Meal Styles in Japan


A typical breakfast in Japan is often steamed rice, miso soup, and various side dishes. Some of these include grilled fish, rolled omelette called tamagoyaki, nori, or dried seaweed, natto and much more. For lunchtime, many different rice bowls and dishes of noodles are incredibly popular.

Ramen soba, udon and beef bowls of gyudon are incredibly popular. Various Japanese like to take bento boxes of lunch with those to work. Supper is considered the most crucial meal each day. Japanese people dishes are greatly influenced by cuisines in both West and other parts of Asia.

The Western usually distinguish Japanese dishes and dishes as washoku, which means Japanese style. Western food is called yoshoku. Chinese dishes are known as chuuka, but chuuka dishes that are performed in Japan are given a Japanese style. These kinds of meals are similar to dishes in China, but there are some distinctions.

I tried to emulate the way how the Japanese prepares their dishes with the help of a few tools in my kitchen and it’s quite easy to do. Using my trusted food processor, it minimizes the time drastically when preparing the ingredients so if you’re planning to buy yours, read this blog to know more about buying the perfect food processor for your needs.

Seafood in Japan

seafood dishes

Apart from rice, seafood is very popular in Japan, as it is an island that is encircled by the ocean. Some of the most well-cherished ingredients in Japanese food preparation are seaweed, clams, seafood and fish cakes. A famous soup is called dashi soup and it can be used in all sorts of traditional Japanese dishes and is made out of katsuobushi, or dried bonito flakes. A few of the essential seasonings in Japanese meals are mirin, miso and soy sauce.

Nippon is a little nation, but every region there has its exceptional food. There is the Kanto region using its type of food, and the Kansai region to another kind. Many dishes are cooked very differently between these two regions.

Once you eat Japanese food, chopsticks usually are used. Japanese people also will use Western utensils; it will depend on the kinds of foods that are being served.

Additional smart choices for your party foods are cucumber salad and edamame. A tossed greens with miso may also be ordered at many good Japanese restaurants.

Just as with Chinese food, it is recommended to be looking to eat dishes that contain fruit and vegetables as the centre. Seafood sunomono has a whole lot of vegetables and is very healthy and delicious.

However, you should avoid the veggie dumplings that are fried, sometimes called potstickers. Your best wager is to get an entree that is roasted, grilled or steamed. You also can ask for brown rice at most Japanese restaurants now. Sushi made from salmon and tuna also is a fantastic choice.

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